The Inventors of Tokenless Authentication


Mobile phone based Tokenless® two-factor authentication for remote access

Mobile phone based Tokenless® two-factor authentication for remote access

Passwords aren’t strong enough to protect company data from the other 3 billion users online. Two factor authentication provides the strength of security needed to protect you. By leveraging something the user already has, allows a seamless and cost effective solution for Two Factor authentication to be implemented.

  • On premise software or hosted via managed provider
  • Use your phone or device as the authenticator
  • Easiest 2FA logon experience in the industry
  • Automatically deploy users via LDAP group membership
  • Deployment can scale to 100,000 users per hour
  • Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras
  • Putting the user in control, migrate your own phones/devices.
  • Halve your cost of tradition hardware token alternatives
  • Reutilise existing AD (LDAP) database.
  • Widest variety of tokenless types

100% Successful SMS Passcode Delivery

The key strategy for successful use of SMS for delivering passcodes is resolving intermittent network coverage and SMS delivery delays.

Choice is key. SecurAccess’ patented methods resolve these issues by utilising:

  • Pre-loaded one time passcodes
  • Three pre-loaded one time passcodes within each message
  • Reusable passcodes that change each day or multiple days

Other Delivery Options

  • Real Time SMS Passcodes sent on-demand and session locked
  • Passcodes can be sent via secure email
  • Soft Token Apps (More details)
  • Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phones keypad to session lock the voice network with the Internet

Self Help Desk

A self help web interface is included to allow users to request temporary passcodes should they lose their phone

End user experience

Good security shouldn’t add complexity, SecurAccess is designed to keep authentication as easy as possible by:

  • Reusing the existing Microsoft (or other directory) password
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message; no need to delete old text messages (pre_loaded and day codes)
  • Flashing the message directly to the main screen (real time codes)

Soft Token Apps

  • Ideal for smart device users.
  • Complimentary to SMS based authentication
  • Allow the end use the freedom to choose between SMS based authentication or a Soft Token application and switch between them.

For more information on soft token apps click here.

Token Types

Hardware Requirements

Supported OS

  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2003R2
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2008R2


For detailed integration guides see


  • SecurEnvoy uses your existing company’s LDAP server as its database, no schema changes required
  • Supported LDAP Types:-
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Novel eDirectory
  • Sun Directory Server
  • OpenLDAP
  • SecurEnvoy Managed Users via Microsoft Lightweight Directory Service (LDS or ADAM)
  • Other LDAP Compliant servers


  • Passcode Generation utilises Fips140-2 compliant algorithm
  • Brute force attack protection
  • All user data is stored with AES 256 bit encrypted
  • Fishing Attack Prevention
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Key Stroke Logging Defence
  • Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone is disabled at the server.
  • Cookie high jacking defence
  • Cross site scripting defence

PIN Management

PIN (Personal Identification Number) SecurEnvoy support the following PIN methods

  • Existing LDAP password as the PIN (Removes overhead on user)
  • Traditional 4-8 numeric or alphanumeric PIN

Passcode Delivery

  • SMS messages delivered via a GSM commercial strength modem , supported modems: Multitech, Wavecom, Siemens
  • SMS message via hardware modem rack
  • SMS messages via a third party web gateway
  • Email Passcodes
  • Voip Phone calls

Passcode Types

  • Pre-loaded passcode, sent after each authentication attempt with the new sms messages automatically updating previously stored message. This mode eliminates SMS delivery delays and intermittent loss of signal
  • Real Time Passcodes with support for SMS Flash Messages and session locking
  • Day Codes
  • Multiple Day Codes
  • Temporary time limited Codes that automatically switch back to a one time codes after expiry


  • Seamlessly support user moving from a password to SecurEnvoy Tokenless Solution
  • Seamlessly support user moving from an Existing Third Party Token solution to SecurEnvoy Tokenless Solution


  • Zero footprint on the phone
  • Zero footprint at the point of authentication
  • Automatic mass deployment of up to 100k users per hour, dependant on LDAP or group membership


Benefits to Users:

  • End user doesn’t need to remember an additional secret piece of information as they can reuse the Microsoft or LDAP password.
  • End users only needs to enter one thing they know rather than two pieces of information as all other 2 factor authentication systems require a separate PIN.
  • An industry standard 6 digit passcode is all the user needs to read from their phone and therefore does not need to perform any mathematical manipulation to derive their passcode.
  • End user does not need to carry additional authentication devices.
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message so no need to delete old text messages
  • Soft Token application available to all smart phones and desktop/laptop environments

Benefits to the business:

  • Any mobile phone that can receive an SMS message is supported without any SMS delivery delay issues affecting performance. This approach expands the range of users to include not only internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers.
  • No token deployment or replacement costs.
  • No token resynchronisation or PIN resets reduces the cost of helpdesk administration
  • Deployment to thousands of users in minutes via SecurEnvoy’s deployment wizard cuts down the cost of deploying and supporting two factor authentications.
  • The personal security paid to a users mobile phone far exceeds that paid to a hardware token they are forced to carry. End users are more likely to notice their mobile phone has been stolen and more importantly are far more likely to report it missing. Therefore providing enhanced security to the business over token based solutions.

Enterprise Class Solution

Full multi-domain support with redundancy and fault tolerance built-in.

“particulary well suited to businesses with a large remote workforce” ComputingSecurity


SecurEnvoy harness the power and scalability of Active Directory or other LDAP based servers as its core database. All replication is performed by the operating system siftware (domain controllers).

SecurEnvoy’s radius server can scale to over 50 authentications per second as it utilises Microsoft’s next generation dotnet framework and LDAP services.

As the next required user’s passcode is not needed until the next authentication, any buffered delay at peak loads in sending the next SMS passcode message will not affect authentication performance.

The only limitation imposed on scaling the system is the number of users that Active Directory (or other LDAP servers) can manage in any single domain.

Fault Tolerant

Each site is designed with two authentication servers such that if one of these servers failed or its delivery SMS gateway was unable to send SMS messages then this server will drop the incoming authenticate request. This action will cause the VPN radius client or IIS Agent to fail over to the next configured SecurEnvoy server. Note that as this solution is priced per user, additional servers can be added if required at no additional cost.

All user authentication data is stored and replicated in real time by Active Directory with each SecurEnvoy server being configured for up to two Microsoft domain controllers such that if an existing domain controller fails then SecurEnvoy ‘s server will fail over to the next configured domain controller.

SecurEnvoy is supported on clustered servers if required.

Failover between sites is supported out the box with no additional development required as follows:

If a user from one site authenticates at a second site and is in the same domain then Active Directory (or other LDAP server) synchronisation will ensure that the required authentication information is available at both sites and thus will be available to SecurEnvoy’s authentication server.

Multiple SMS Gateways can be configured with fail-over.

Each SMS Gateway is continually checked for correct operation. If one fails for example the power is removed from a connected SMS modem, then this gateway is poled every 60 seconds with reset and initialisation commands.

Multi-Domain Support

Each SecurEnvoy security server can be configured with two domain controllers for each domain your company uses with no limit on the number of domains. The domain component of the userID is then used to dynamically switch the security server to the relevant domain. If no domain component is given in the userID then a default domain is used. Default domains are set at each radius client configuration such that each connecting VPN server can be configured with a separate default domain.


The only on going administration tasks required are the following:

Re-enable lockout account that have failed too many authentications since the last good one

Update users mobile numbers (can be self managed via help desk if required)

Enable temporary emergency access if a mobile phone is lost (can also be self managed via help desk)

SecurEnvoy supports role based administration with two roles as follows:

Full Admin: Access to all admin GUI functions including server configuration,log, radius and user setting.

Help Desk: Can only access user setting and log information

Help Desk Groups: Can only administer users that are a member of an Active Directory (or other LDAP) group or sub nested group.

Config: System configuration settings only, no access to user authentication

Administration overhead functions are kept to in minimum as end user information is already available in Active Directory, no token management or resynchronisation is required and no PIN management is required.

In addition temporary emergency access codes automatically switch back to one time codes after the administrator defined number of days.
As user information is stored in AD then any users deleted from Active Directory will be deleted from SecurEnvoy.

Centralised management is support in the following way. Each security server can manage any user in any domain with remote administration being accessed via a browser (ie6,ie7, ie8 or Firefox).

Two-Factor Authentication for Regulatory Compliance

Businesses and Organisations are no longer able to ignore Two-factor authentication. It is now a major part of all users day-to-day work and home lives. Compliance and regulatory standards have to be met and adhered to.

SecurEnvoy is the most flexible and cost effective solution in the Two-factor market. SecurEnvoy provides Tokenless Two Factor solutions that meet and exceed regulatory compliance such as PCI Data Security Standards, GCSx CoCo, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001, and other industry regulations.

  • PCI Data Security Standards,
  • GCSx
  • CoCo,
  • HIPAA,
  • SOX,
  • ISO 27001,

SecurEnvoy has a suite of Tokenless Two Factor authentication solutions that can leverage devices an end user has access to, in their day day work. This can be a mobile phone, a physical landline or direct dial extension or a device such as a tablet or P.C. SecurEnvoy are just not limited to a mobile phone, but provides solutions for how users like to work and with what devices.